Learn About Our History


Why Guest Quarters and Hospitality Partners?

Some of you may have joined in the early days of Guest Quarters and stayed on after it was sold, or moved on.  Some of you may have joined Hospitality Partners and never knew about Guest Quarters.  But the two companies are intertwined forever!  Guest Quarters began in the 70’s and in 1985 was sold to the Beacon Hotel Company.  

At that time, Mike Dickens, John Vernon and Fred Palloni left to begin Hospitality Partners.  Both companies shared a unique vision and culture that made them very special places to work.  

Important Things You Should Know


We don’t know yet.  Too early!  But keep an eye on this page and we will update it.

Everyone has asked for more advance notice so we have chosen the date – October 12, 2025!  More details as we have them but hold that date!

During the planning phase, the biggest help you can be is to share this website to anyone you are still in touch with who was an original GQ or HP employee.  We need to collect as many email address as we can to ensure we are inviting everyone who may want to join us.