Guest Quarters - Hospitality Partners Reunion

Save the Date
October 12, 2025

We had so much fun at the first one, we decided to do it again!


We are glad you found us!  This is the official page for our Guest Quarters and Hospitality Partners Reunions. 


We created this page so that we could share our memories and stay in touch with each other.  If you ever worked for the original Guest Quarters Hotels (up to 1987) or Hospitality Partners, we hope you will register with us and share this page with other coworkers.  As we get closer to our next reunion, this is where we will update all info and eventually have tickets for purchase.  In the meantime, take a look around and enjoy the memories.

Our Story

We created a video history telling the story of our rich history.


Check out our photo gallery - from past and present!

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Your Planning Team

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Our Story

A Video Timeline...

Click play to take a tour through our history – beginning from the 1970’s until today!

Photos - Past and Present

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Did you take any photos at our 2023 Reunion?  Did you come across any photos from the past you want to share?  This is the place..

Stay in Touch

One of the things we heard about at our first reunion was that a few hours every few years wasn’t enough time to keep up with everyone.  So we have added some elements to this website to help everyone stay in touch.


If you register (click the register button on the top line) you will be asked for your name and email address.  Once you do that, you will have access to our member directory.  Everyone who worked at the original Guest Quarters (up to 1987) or Hospitality Partners is welcome.


That member directory features your profile – feel free to fill in what you want.  Add a photo if you want (please do!).  


Timeline – think of this as your Facebook wall.  You can post thoughts, updates, funny memories – anything you want.  Others who connect with you will able to see your updates so nothing secret okay?!


Connections – You can choose who you want to connect with – click on members and you will see where you can click on someone and invite them to connect with you.  When they log in, they will see your request and respond.  Then you can more easily keep up with them under connections.


Groups –  You can join a group – or even create a group and invite other members.  If you worked at a hotel and want to reconnect with everyone from that property – create a group and invite members.  As new people join the site, they can request to join your group.  You can then add some discussions for photos for the group to see.  


Photos, Videos and Documents – all of these enable you to add items to share.  Do you have an old photo – click on photos and add your photo.  Same with videos or documents.  

Email Invites – IMPORTANT!  Please send a note and invite anyone to join our reunion page (as long as they used to work with us!).  The planning team collected a lot of email addresses but we know we are missing a lot.  So please help and invite your contacts.  


If you know of someone you want us to invite – please feel free to fill in their email below and we will send them an invite!


Thanks for your help!


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